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Therisso-Kolokithas-Lívada-Katsiveli-Potámos-Agios Ioannis-Agia Roumeli-Sfakia-Anopolis-Askifou

Photos from a great track in the highest parts of Levka Ori. This year (2012) was - in comparison with the previous one - much more snowy in the Cretean mountains what meant remains of snow layers were larger, thicker and covered more extensive areas. Due to this fact, blooming of plants was a little bit behind in these highest parts whereas plants in lower areas (e.g. the Niátos plateau) were burnt by earlier coming of Spring which was, moreover, probably warmer and sunnier one than usually used to be. Temperature was quite nice in mountains even if near snow remnants it fell down to the zero during the night. I hiked often just through terrain, without any paths, and if I hiked along some path, e.g. the E4 route, such footpath was also stony underfoot. I found out and explored some new and nice places (e.g. the small platform above the end of the Therisso-road), remounted two summits (Ornio and across the Lívada plateau towering Agio Pneuma), passed the new footpath connecting the Potámos valley and the Anopolis plateau (under Zaranokefala's cliffs), spent extremely long time in Agia Roumeli (7 nights!!) and saw and indentified some of other Cretean endemitic plants.

There are in he folder "Flowers" photos of plants from this year but all photos in this English verzion (in the meantime, as I hope!!) without legends. I'm so sory, but the reason is I underwent a surgery and now the forefinger of my right hand (and I'm riht-hander) is equipped by a splint what resulting in my slow typewriting with many mistakes using two fingers of my worse left hand only. As soon as the splint is away I will accelerate my web-work. Till then you must be very patient.



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