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2003 b

Continuation of the track 2003 (pictures are in the same low quality due to the fact, they are only scanned classical "paper" photos taken in time when I didn't own digi.camera yet). It is from Sougia upward through the Agia Eirini Gorge, along the E4 route up to the Omalos Plateau, the Kalergi Refuge, the summit of Melindanou, the place of Pirou, the Katsiveli Refuge, the place of Livada, the place of Sideroportes, Kástro slopes, the plain of Askifou, the hamlet of Goni, the hamlet and the village of Aspendos, the village of Agios Nektarios, Chora Sfakion - the small town a centre of an whole area, the village of Agia Roumeli and back towards Chora Sfakion, the Kato Gouves camping site near Iraklio - the capital of Crete, Iraklio - airport 



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