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Photos taken on my 2009 holiday. It began after an arrival to the Chania Airport and transport by bus to the city folowing next transport to the village of Lakki. The track by foot started in Lakki (in the northen foothill of Levka Ori) then ran pass places called Poria and the Kalerghi Refuge, then down to Xyloskalo on the Omalos Plateau where the entrance into the Samaria Gorge is (perhaps one of the most known place on Crete). The track continued by ascent upward Gigilos and Strifomadhi summits to descend through the gorge/valley Achladha as far as the village of Koustogherako and from here to the sea shore in Sougia. Several days in Sougia were for just rest, after which a one-day trip followed (by ferryboat, to Agia Roumeli and Agios Pavlos beach and back). Last part of the track were along the E4 route from Sougia to Paleohora from which I shifted to Chania by bus.



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