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The pictures from the 2008 Spring holiday. There are photos from the track beginning at the Askifou Plateau heading towards the mountain refuge called Tavri, then to the Niatos and Trikoukia Plateaus, along the old mule track above the former Kalli Lakki village to Skafídhia - the place on the Anopolis sheperd's road with the rich spring, and further along this road to the mouth of the gorge leading down from the Pachnes Road to Anopolis Plateau. Next continuation from Anopolis was along the more time passed coastal E4 routed to Loutro, Phinix, Marmara, Agios Pavlos and Agia Roumeli (and back along the same way). Note: if there is a reference to the name ,Kástro' it should be kept in mind that Kástro itself is only one (southern) summit of the whole massif. The second summit (northern) of this massif is Mt. Fanari.



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